The Faculties

Daya Indonesia Performing Arts Academy (DAYA)

Prof. Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, D.Th., A.Mus.D.
Principal, Faculty of Pedagogy of Performing Arts, Sociology of Performing Arts, Arranging & Orchestration, Composing & Conducting, Piano, Voice, History of Performing Arts, Performing Arts Literature, Performing Arts Business & Management, Counterpoint, Tonsatz & Ensemble
IG: @tjutnyakdevianadaudsjah 
FB: Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah
Karoline Hoefler, Dipl. Mus (Germany)
Special Lecturer, Faculty of Bass
Tjut Nyak Deani Daudsjah
Faculty of Voice
Dian Natalina, S.T., B.Mus.Ed.,  M.Mus.The.
Dean of Music Therapy, Faculty of Performing Arts Pedagogy & Early Music Education
IG: @dian.harmony 
FB: Dian Natalina
Bernice Nikki, BFA
Dean of Drama, Faculty of Acting, Body Awareness, Script Writing & Directing
IG: @bernice.nikki 
FB: Bernice Bee Nikki
Rosmala Sari Dewi, S.Sn., M.Sn.
Dean of Dance, Faculty of Choreography & Traditional Indonesian Dances
IG: @rosmala.sari.dewi
Cati Rahayu Wulandari, B.Mus.
Faculty of Voice
IG: @cecillia_cati 
FB: Cecillia Cati Rahayu Wulandari
Azfansadra Karim, M.Mus.
Faculty of Piano & Ensemble
IG: @adrakarim 
FB: Azansadra Karim


Aloysius Cahyo Pradanto, B.Mus.
Faculty of Piano & Ensemble
IG : @acahyopradanto  
FB: Aloysius Cahyo Pradanto


Elsa Nadia Rahmani, B.Mus.
Faculty of Voice
IG: @ekantikaofficial 
FB : Nadine Bethbeder (Elsa Nadia Rahmani)


Arnold Pontoh, B.Mus.
Faculty of Piano, Theory, Ear Training & Rhythmic
IG: @arnold.pontoh 
FB: Arnold Pontoh


Giovanni Garry, S.Sn.
Faculty of Drums & Improvisation
IG: @giovannygarry 
FB: Giovanni Garry


Tommy Awuy, M.Sn.
Phenomenology of Religion & Pancasila

IG: @tommyfawuy 
FB: tommyfawuy
Twitter: tommyfawuy


Andreas Nandhiwardana, S.Si., B.Mus.
Faculty of Guitar, Music Theory, Ear Training & Rhythmic
IG: @andre_tujuh 
FB: Andreas Nandiwardhana


Filipus Cahyadi, S.T., B.Mus.
Faculty of Drums, Music Theory, Ear Training & Rhythmic
IG: @filipuscahyadi 
FB: Filipus Cahyadi


Nabilla Jasmine, B.Mus.
Faculty of Music Theory & Vocal
IG: @jsmnemine  
FB: Nabilla Jasmine (jsmnemine)
TWITTER: @jsmnemine
YOUTUBE: Nabilla Jasmine
Maria Pascalia H Miselsi, S.Pd
Faculty of Piano
IG: @mariamiselsi  
Muhammad Otta Tarega, B.Mus
Faculty of Piano & Ensemble
IG: @mr.tarrega  
Faculty of Dance
Ali Akbar Sugiri, M.Mus.
Faculty of Improvisation, Piano & Ensemble